ESPADA can take you to remote or hostile environments other services can’t reach. Our in-depth knowledge and vast network of contacts allow us to get your personnel and material to your destination, as well as being able to coordinate with all authorities to gain relevant permits and documentation. ESPADA’s operations personnel and logisticians are committed to excellence even in the most remote locations and under harsh and austere conditions. ESPADA can manage your commissioning and startup project from start to finish.

Man Camps – ESPADA can manage your commissioning and startup project from start to finish. We provide man-camp and workforce housing accommodations. ESPADA can design, deliver, and build a camp to client specifications, manage its daily operations and maintenance, and provide the supply and distribution of goods and services necessary to ensure it runs efficiently. From our experience with multiple overseas requirements in remote and austere environments; we have established a reputation for quality of service and commitment to our customers.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) – Whether the task involves a remote geographic region, extreme climate, stringent timeline, or another unique problem set, ESPADA pairs subject matter expertise with innovation and flexibility to determine the best possible solution that satisfies each clients’ specific requirements.

O&M Services Include: • Housing • Food Services • Water • Housing • Showers and Latrines • Power generation • Laundry services • Airfield Operations • Equipment and Supplies • Cargo Handling • Custodial Services • Waste Management • Transportation • Roads and Grounds Maintenance • Pest Control • Camp Security • Fire Protection • Recreation Programs

Transportation – A dependable supply chain can mean the difference between delay and mission success. ESPADA facilitates the secure and efficient transportation of equipment and supplies from the warehouse to diverse locations worldwide. We utilize the safest and most efficient means to ensure inventory accuracy and speedy delivery while minimizing the time and cost of meeting readiness requirements across the enterprise. ESPADA provides air, ocean, and ground freight services.

We also utilize intermodal shipping that blends transportation methods (air, ocean, truck, rail) to handle high volumes and long distances. This flexibility improves efficiency and reduces costs spend by building a route neutral shipping strategy that is based on your freight.