Active Shooter Training & Consulting

We provide a full range of training programs and products to address many of the complexities of human interaction and response options to conflicts in the workplace.


Physical Security/Executive Protection

We are committed to understanding each of our clients’ needs and effectively implementing security measures appropriate to their environment and corporate culture. Our main priority is that our clients are able to continue with their daily operations while we ensure their safety, privacy, and peace of mind.


Maritime Security

We provide comprehensive maritime security services to protect our clients and manage operational risk. We have a wealth of experience in in anti-piracy, counter-terrorism and asset protection and apply a diligent approach in tailoring solutions to meet our individual clients’ needs.


Logistics Support

We can take you to places scheduled services cannot reach, such as remote locations or hostile environments. Our in-depth knowledge and vast network of contacts allows us to get your personnel and material to your destination as well as being able to coordinate with all authorities to gain relevant permits and documentation.