ESPADA believes that security services should be both effective and unobtrusive as possible. The quality and professionalism of personnel is more important than the number utilized. We combine responsive security officers and exceptional training to provide a security program tailored to your specific needs and aligned with your corporate culture.


Our partnership with you starts by listening to your needs and creating a solution that gives you peace of mind now and in the future.

ESPADA Delivers:

  • Tailor made security solutions
  • Facility emergency call lists
  • Threat reporting procedures
  • Evacuation policies and procedures
  • Threat management team roles and responsibilities
  • Safety/security manuals outlining building profiles, floor plans and safety procedures
  • Training procedures for personal safety awareness, including recurrent training for threat management leaders
  • Specialized risk assessment and consultation



ESPADA’s experience staff is committed to providing the highest level of professional and confidential service to assure a client is protected from any known/unknown threats or situations. Our personnel have the experience to make your business trip or projects more productive and less stressful through rigorous advance work and thorough time management planning. We are able to effectively communicate and interact on all levels within corporate, diplomatic, and entertainment communities.

Our protection specialists have endured top-level training in specialized security measures and crisis management planning. They possess extensive domestic and international travel experience and relevant military, law enforcement, and government security backgrounds.


ESPADA understands the security challenges facing clients in remote operational conditions. A critical area of focus leading to our success is maintaining a strong working relationship with a host country’s authorities as well as the local population’s leadership. This cooperative approach is paramount to the successful operation and creation of long-term favorable outcomes in austere locations and challenging conditions.

We implement security tactics and tools to protect expensive equipment and materiel. ESPADA works with clients to avoid costly setbacks resulting from hostile activity by proactively focusing on planning and procedures for loss mitigation.

ESPADA is your one stop shop for risk reduction and mitigation.