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ESPADA Marine Services provides a comprehensive suite of security services for the merchant marine and offshore industries.

Our team members fully understand applicable international laws and adhere to strict rules of engagement (ROE) designed to provide maximum protection of our clients while deterring conflicts at sea.

Each team member is prescreened and hand selected from an elite pool of highly qualified individuals, many of whom are former US military personnel with specialized training in security and special-operations tactics.

The principle goal of the security team is to focus on effective ways to discourage criminal elements from initiating hostile acts while maintaining a safe standoff distance from an aggressor. It will always be the prime objective to effectively safeguard vessels and crews while exercising the utmost caution in the use of force.

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ESPADA Security Teams cover 80 % more of the
piracy areas than any other competitor.

Embarked Security Team
Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and East Coast of Africa
ESPADA offers experienced security teams to provide close-in protection onboard client vessels and offshore platforms from the Gulf of Aden and East Coast of Africa. Our courteous and discreet professionals understand that maintaining the safety of our client’s crew and asset investment is paramount. Our teams will be ferried to your vessel prior to entering a dangerous area, work to deter threats at a safe distance and then disembark with no delay to your normal transit schedule.

Price discounts available with multiple transit commitments. Additional or customized services quoted separately.
  Security Assessments and Crisis Consulting
Vessel owners and operators have procedures in place that dictate how crews should respond in case of an emergency. However, it is imperative that procedures be constantly reviewed and updated utilizing the latest threat intelligence, knowledge of hostile tactics and available protection technologies. ESPADA’s expertly trained professionals can review your crisis management procedures, recommend any necessary changes and/or supplemental technologies and train your crews and management in their implementation.

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Security Team

ESPADA’s security teams can join a client vessel in port toestablish a security presence, perimeter and work to ensure that pier-side operations proceed smoothly and safely. Port security operations can be conducted by shore-based teams who, in high-threat port areas, can also work in conjunction with small craft provided by ESPADA to provide expanded security.

Let ESPADA guide
you through the most difficult security challenges with assurance and confidence.

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