Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Management/Supervisor/Security Managers/Last Person Out (LPO) Training


Overview: This is a two hour class which will include a civilian response classroom presentation of various response options in the event of an active shooter/armed intruder emergency situation.


Goal: The overall goal is to enable the attendee, given an overview of the principles and fundamentals of Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Emergency Response, to react and respond to an emergency in a timely and proper manner increasing survivability. ESPADA wants every student to leave with a new sense of awareness to their surroundings, know what their options are, and thinking to what should they do if they were ever confronted with such an emergency.


Preparation: The training will be delivered through lecture and visual presentation. No real or simulated weapons of any kind will be used.


Learning Objectives:

  • Present case studies of past and recent Active Shooter situations, and how Leadership, First Responders and Law Enforcement responded/reacted to the situation.
  • Response options.
  • How the body responds to stress.
  • Demonstrate effective methods to protect and barricade classrooms and office spaces.
  • Identify common items found in most building that individuals can use as self–defense or as a deterrent to a hostile person entering their work space.

Review products and technologies available on the market to enhance security and safety.



Student Materials: Each student will receive a pocket/desk card with simple reminders of what they should do in an Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Emergency.


Records: A certificate of completion of the course will be given to Client for their HR employee records.

Space Requirements: Classroom or Theatre Seating, Electricity, Projector for Power Point Presentation, Sound is required. (If services are not available on site, ESPADA can provide for a minimal extra cost)


Pricing: $20 per attendee (priced for 1,000+ attendees)


Purpose: Consult in the development of response procedures to an Active Shooter. The ESPADA Team proposes the following initial Scope of Work (SOW) to develop the following tasks and materials:


Develop Initial AS Policy and Procedures – 15 Hours

  • Review Office Layout with Client – Draw up Zones- 3hrs

            o Using information from the site maps/drawings (provided by the client) the ESPADA team will work with client to divide up floors and office spaces into response zones.

  • Develop Initial Procedures- 8hrs

            o ESPADA’s security professionals will work with Client to develop an initial Active Shooter response procedure.

  • Client Meetings- 3hrs


Work Up – Supervisory Personnel – 15 Hours

  • Develop Customized Training Session and Materials- 9hrs
  • Conduct Supervisor Training Sessions- 2hrs

            o Training Session(s)

  • Production of Key-notes & Checklist Cards- 4hrs

            o Development of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Work with Supervisory/Management team to expand AS preparation – 15 Hours

  • Develop Supervisor/Management Team response plan – 5hrs
  • Fully discuss Scenarios- 3hrs
  • Coordinate meetings with First Responders (Police/Fire/EMS) and Client to discuss large scale emergency response- 7hrs

            o What can we expect?

Anatomy of a response

Who – Nearest Police Substation and other responders

Personnel Notification System (Text/Email)

Company response


Pricing: Budgetary $100 per hour