Active Shooter Awareness & Response Training Course

I thought the class was great, very professional. Kevin was great…

I have never has a class like this before, would like to take another one. I think that speaks for itself… preferably with Kevin. he was very professional and made the class feel they could ask questions. I felt comfortable and the information was great, learned a lot, more than I expected. The experience level of instructor speaks for itself and training was from experience not textbook… thank you, and thank you for your service. Melissa F.

Although I was dreading the subject matter, I am very thankful I attended the Active Shooter Awareness & Response Training presentation.

The presenter was very effective at capturing the audiences’ attention by providing video material with details and facts unknown to the average public. Most if not all of us who were aware of the recent shooting events as well as those incidences over the past several years, were able to hear from actual survivors of such attacks as well as see coverage of real events. We learned important facts that were never mentioned by the media, or the media got wrong. The videos were shocking and unreal at first, because we were seeing actual recorded footage – not a movie or TV. The presentation was interactive and required audience participation; which was key. Of the many questions asked of us, sadly, most of our responses would have been wrong and would have gotten us killed. My take-away was huge and I was quite horrified by my lack of knowledge. I would definitely recommend Espada Logistics provide the minimum 2 hour training course for our business. Vickie B.

Professional, friendly and fun.

As the title says, it was very interesting, informative, A bunch of great people both attending the seminar and giving the training, the lunch was excellent. I hope to attend future meetings. Jennifer was great as usual. Moe B.

Very cost effective and professional.

There was so much we didn’t know concerning our Company’s risk exposures. Espada was very good at helping us through discovery, developing a plan, and then giving us superb instructors to teach our employees. Highly recommend Keven and the entire Espada team! Bob W.

Professional and Straight Forward.

The program is definitely needed in today’s social structure. No business is too small or insignificant anymore; an active threat can happen anywhere, and in the most inconspicuous places. I thought the program was well warranted and should be given regular updates as the statistics and details are provided. We take for granted the “bucket” of things that should be kept in locations to help minimize our vulnerability. Bobby H.

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