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Since its founding in 2003, the ESPADA Group has grown to become a leading security and logistics company in the country.  Since the beginning Espada shared a vision of redefining the industry by delivering innovative solutions for our customers. This goal was founded on a simple premise: Look for a better way.

The ESPADA Group strives to become a trusted partner to each of our customers. We deliver high-quality professionals equipped the latest in training and technology to ensure contract compliance.  We institute our proven account management strategies to provide unparalleled communication, support and supervision.

ESPADA provides our clients with worldwide country-specific expertise in logistics, security, medical, and training  programs that deliver a high quality and effective solutions that provide value – both today and in the future.

                                                                    We are committed to: 

 Ø  Delivering innovation and continuous improvement with a best-in-class local and regional services responsive to your dynamic environment and evolving needs 

Ø  Presenting a consistent, high standard of performance through our standardized Quality Control Program to assure contract compliance 

Ø  Providing value added options to drive further efficiencies through the introduction of new technologies, as well as emergency services, and other related projects

Ø  Offering technologically advanced solutions designed to lower your total cost of operations and optimize the security of your resources