We specialize in unique, tailored solutions that fit individual project needs. We fulfill the critical operational roles of site development, management, operations and maintenance, medical support, security, and training.

ESPADA helps to keep our customers mission ready at all times. Our clients can count on us for reliable and innovative solutions to get their teams and goods to and from nearly any destination worldwide. We are agile, responsive, and committed to Your Success.


Man Camps – ESPADA can manage your commissioning and startup project from start to finish.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) – Whether the task involves a remote geographic region, extreme climate, stringent timeline, or another unique problem set, ESPADA pairs subject matter expertise with innovation and flexibility to determine the best possible solution that satisfies each clients’ specific requirements.

Transportation – A dependable supply chain can mean the difference between delay and mission success. ESPADA facilitates the secure and efficient transportation of equipment and supplies using a robust network of air, sea, and land assets.


ESPADA believes security services should be both effective and unobtrusive as possible. The quality and professionalism of personnel are more important than the number utilized. We provide a security program tailored to your specific needs and aligned with your corporate culture.

International Services – We understand the security challenges facing clients in remote operational conditions.

Maritime Security – Whether proving security for inland lakes and waterways, patrolling coastlines, or ‘blue water’ operations on the open oceans of the world, we provide comprehensive maritime security to protect our clients and manage operational risk.

Medical Services

We provide static and remote mobile medical programs which deliver a high quality and effective health services. We deliver fully qualified, remote, rapid response medical staff worldwide.


We provide training programs and products to address the complexities of human interaction and response options to conflicts in the workplace. ESPADA’s personnel have multiple years of law enforcement or military service at the local, state and federal levels and benefit from receiving the very best training anywhere. ESPADA’s experienced professionals teach physical security, executive protection, international and maritime security, medical and defensive techniques.